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Brand : Motul

Motul is a French company that was established in 1853. They produce high-performance lubricants for engines, including two-wheelers, cars, heavy-duty vehicles, and more. Motul products have a presence in over 160 countries and they are committed to delivering outstanding performance and protection to our customers.

In 1971, they launched the Motul 300V, which was the world's first 100% synthetic multigrade lubricant with Ester Core technology. Motul is constantly innovating to develop new fluids and benchmark lubricants for all types of engines.

Motul has built a reputation as an official supplier to the most demanding motorsport teams and Original Equipment Manufacturers and remains a key partner of legendary international racing competitions such as the Dakar Rally, the 24 Hours of Le Mans (cars and motorbikes), MotoGP, Roof of Africa, and many others.

Motul Bike is now a brand partner of UCI World Cup Downhill Racing and the Tour de France – instantly establishing the brand among the very best of cyclesport.

Motul's trailblazing spirit has always pushed us to go further by constantly innovating. Even after 170 years of our creation, Motul is still widely recognised worldwide and more than ready to face new challenges to prepare for the future. Furthermore, Motul understands the importance of protecting our planet and communities, and they take action through the Motul Corazon Foundation to shape a better future for young people.

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